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Tennis is a great way to stay in shape when it comes to cardio conditioning and many other things. When people here cardio they think two things. Running, and being tired. That shouldn’t be the case, you should get some sort of enjoyment out of the work you put in! Tennis is a great way to communicate with your community and make new friends. Tennis Courts Phoenix is a good search term to locate open courts!

What could be better? Tennis Courts Phoenix Arizona

The sport of tennis is just as fun and enjoyable as any other recreational sport. Comparing it to track and field it’s just not the same. Tennis gives you great discipline and it also brings out the love you have for the game. But just like any other type of sport a lot of training has to be put into it. That comes down to many types of ways, Group tennis lessons, private tennis lessons, tennis hitting sessions, then if you have the young one that is into the sport, youth tennis lessons! Check out this Tennis Work Outs!

Different types of tennis courts

When it comes to playing tennis there are many numerous courts that you could end up playing on. Whether it is a normal size court on the way down to a carpet court, we are going to let you know a little bit about each of them down below!

Small Courts:

Smaller courts are typically played on by the youth he just 10 and under. The courts are typically 59 feet long and 21 feet wide, allowing for a more evenly sized playing field for the youth.

Clay Surface Tennis Court:

When it comes to clay courts the French Open is the only tournament to use such court. This is because clay courts are made out of a refined stone and brick material, allowing the ball to bounce ridiculously when compared to grass or Hardcourts. This allows the player to take advantage of nailing any type of big serve.

Grass Surface Tennis Court:

when it comes down to the most common, a grass Court would be the one. The grass-court consists of its very own grass that Hass to be grown with very hard-packed soil. This type of court also can offer any type of variable, like to bounce. Depending on how healthy such grass is it can affect the play. Games on this style of court, are often faster and I’ve been around since 1877.

Hard Surface Tennis Court:

Hardcourts are often made from a sort of rigid material and then layered with a surface of the acrylic. These types of courts offer a higher consistency when it comes to the balance, compared to other outdoor courts. One thing to take into account is that the acrylic surface layer can put a dent in the ball’s speed, causing it to slow down.

Carpet Courts And Indoor Tennis Court Surfaces:

Carpet courts are usually temporarily installed for certain professional tennis events they are made out of a removable court covering. Many professional tournaments such as the Paris masters, Kremlin cup, ATP challenger tour and many Have used this type of material for many years. But was recently discontinued after 2018. Some chords also tend to be inside which allows the player to play regardless of weather variations. Not only does this allow them to play whenever but it also allows them to feel a bit more comfortable and the same for the spectators. There are many types of services used on indoor tennis courts but some of the most common tend to be floor wood panels with acrylic. Which is standard just about.